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Trusted Systems SIPRGuard User Authentication


SIPRGuard streamlines network access from the desktop without compromising security, convenience or performance.

SIPRGuard uses two-factor (PIN & Fingerprint) authentication to connect the desktop KVM and Ethernet devices to the network equipment mounted inside a Trusted Systems IPS Container (CAA equivalent).  This authentication precedes and is in addition to the normal SIPR token login without the need to open the IPS Container.

SIPRGuard consists of three modules:  Desktop ModuleControl Module and Gateway Module, the latter two secured inside the IPS Container.

Users are enrolled using the Desktop Module. Once the user is validated in the Control Module, signals are transmitted through the Gateway Module to the desktop peripherals. Then, normal SIPRNet token login commences.

To disconnect, the user simply removes their SIPR token, presses the OFF button on the Desktop Module and walks away. If the user leaves the desktop without pressing the OFF button, a time-delayed motion sensor kills the circuit automatically.

The Control Module supplies power to all other modules, backup manual ON/OFF control and motion sensor management.