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Strategic Operations Medical Products



Strategic Operations Inc. (STOPS) is dedicated and focused on maximizing training value by outfitting medical providers with essential training products to accomplish lifesaving goals. By designing medical simulation and training products that are user-repairable, usage and cost effectiveness are maximized while minimizing out of service time for proprietary manufacturer repairs and costly expendable replacement supplies.


Drawing upon advances in medical modeling and simulation over the last few years, STOPS has brought unprecedented realism to military and first responder training. The introduction of “Hollywood-style” special effects has enabled training scenarios to achieve such a high degree of fidelity in replicating the “fog of war” that participants “willingly suspend disbelief” that they are not in a real situation. For example, our Cut Suit (CS) with Advanced Surgical Skills Packages (ASSP) combine to create the world’s only Hyper-Realistic® open surgery simulator (CS-ASSP) such that surgeons willingly suspend disbelief that they are not working on a live human.