Peak Solutions

SARTK – With Weapon Mount System



Provides a stable and secure mounting interface for weapon cleaning and maintenance on M4, M16, and AR15 platforms

Outfitted with high quality, mission critical SK ® Tools, IDEAL ® Industries products and other heavy duty professional tools

Designed for the trained Armorer for both field and Armory weapon maintenance and repair requirements

Impact resistant PELICAN™ case is proven to function under extreme conditions and designed to survive rough handling and transport in harsh environments
– Drop-proof up to 5 feet
– Waterproof up to 1 Meter
– Adjustable Telescopic Handle
– Replaceable Wheels
– Aluminum Slide Rail System

Removable drawers for maximum tool access and foam inserts to secure tools during travel

Heavy duty wheel construction and wide wheelbase to provide durability and stability

Exterior dimensions: 24”W x 15”D x 18”H